New Products for 2019 at Bath Planet

Bath planet’s new REVEAL systems are a game changer. In 2019, we are releasing this line of acrylic tub and shower wall surrounds to help you give your bathroom that look of real tile without the hassle of having to clean grout! We’re excited for our New Products for 2019

What is this new REVEAL system you may ask? 

REVEAL is Laser-engraved, realistic-looking grout patterns. They have the beauty and style of real bathroom tile without the hassle of mold & maintenance of real grout. These walls are made with our same great, time-tested materials endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute. And clean-up for our REVEAL wall systems is the same carefree method as with any of our standard, low-maintenance wall systems. 

New Products for 2019

REVEAL comes in a variety of patterns and colors. We can customize it to your liking so that you can have your bathroom looking the way you like it. Below are some of our pattern orutoptions that you can choose from:

New Products for 2019

Who approves it?

The GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SEAL  has been given to each of these new systems and they are very prestigious. That is to say that this is a good thing!

In the latest Good Housekeeping publication, they give a great review to Bath Planet’s latest acrylic systems.

What are the benefits of the REVEAL system?

There are many benefits to the REVEAL system.

  • They are the easiest of all types of shower surrounds to clean
  • Our UV resistant acrylic ensures that it keeps it’s “brand new” look and shine forever
  • They are much cheaper than paying for all the tile and grout
  • Installation time as quick as one day
  • Great financing options

There really isn’t any reason to not go with this option.

So when can I get mine?

You can contact us anytime. We have a great team that will set up a time with you to take a look at your bathroom and discuss options! Make sure to mentioned you’re interest in the new products for 2019. Just fill in our contact form and we will be in touch.

For more shower inspiration, visit our reveal line page.

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