Comparing a Bath Planet Remodel With a “Fitted” Recovered Tub

Some of our customers aren’t sure what the difference is between what we provide at Bath Planet North Bay, and what the bathroom “fitters” do when they simply recover your existing tub area with a new skin.

Comparing a Bath Planet Remodel With a "Fitted" Recovered Tub

There are some things you should think about before going for just a “fitted” option.

Cost – many people are surprised to see that the cost are VERY comparable, and with Bath Planet you get a ​ custom NEW solution​ , which generally results in either improved functionality or better accessibility.

Avoid the nightmares in the walls and under the tub – when you just recover your existing tub, with a fitted piece, you are still utilizing all of the old plumbing, and who knows what problems or issues are just being covered up? With Bath Planet we have the opportunity to review the plumbing infrastructure with you.

The Longer Term Solution – as opposed to just “covering” what you have bath Planet offers a more long-term solution, one that is durable and will be ​ stylish for years to come​.

Added Comfort – with Bath Planet you’re not just “sprucing up” what you have, you’re creating a new improved bathroom space​ . Think about better accessibility, improved comfort, a more user-friendly and ergonomic bathroom experience – those are benefits you’ll enjoy.

So carefully compare your options before you start that bathroom project. And, since our in-home ​ consultations are free, with no obligation​, and no pressure, why not contact us to arrange to discuss your particular needs.

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