Bath Planet – Not Just For Seniors

There’s no question Bath Planet North Bay can create bathrooms that are safe,
more-accessible, and senior friendly with ​ walk-in tubs​ and other options. But did you know, a sizeable percentage of our clients are between the ages of 30 to 50 and they still love what Bath Planet has to offer?

Bath Planet - Not Just For Seniors

There’s a few reasons we help people of all ages to ​ remodel their bathrooms​ …

Personal Preference – some people simply prefer ​stand up showers​ . They never take the time to sit in a bath, read or book or light a candle while they soak. For them it’s simply about functionality; they only shower, so that’s all they need.

Smaller families – you may have heard that there are growing number of couples who choose to have no children, or fewer kids. Without the need to splash around with a wee one, or to have a tub to bathe them in, some folks just prefer to go for a simpler option.

Freeing up Space – some people have a smaller bathroom, where they find the tub just takes up too much space, especially if they hardly ever use it and opt more often for showers. Trust us, our formally trained and educated Interior Designer can show you how to maximize the space you free up, by converting from a tub to a shower.

Appearance – our products are renowned for their attractive look, and how they make a space look very modern and appealing, as well as very functional.

Drop by our showroom to see some of the styles and options we have on display, and then
arrange for your free in-home consultation to see how Bath Planet can help you make the
bathroom you want, not the one you’re stuck with.

Bath Planet – not just for seniors!

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