How Bath Planet Helps Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

It’s no secret that North Bay has a growing number of seniors. Our long-term residents are aging, just like the rest of the Canadian demographic – but new information shows we are also attracting new seniors here to the Gateway City as well.
They often break down into two categories – those looking to get away from the expense of Toronto or southern Ontario, as well as those from further North looking to relocate to a somewhat larger city and be closer to their children or grandchildren working in the southern, more urban parts of the province.

So, with more seniors in our population how does Bath Planet North Bay make seniors’ lives better?

Many times we hear clients say “I wish I’d done this sooner”, when they start enjoying their ​ new bathroom​. Or, we get feedback from the adult children about how happy they are that their parents were able to remain in their apartment home or condo longer than they thought they would.

Sometimes it’s a matter of practicality as well – there are often waiting lists to get into retirement homes or nursing homes, and a ​ remodeled bathroom​ from Bath Planet can be just the difference that makes for a safe, ​ fully accessible washroom​ for the senior for the final year or two they are in their home.

We will work with you to come up with the right solution, whether that is ​ converting a bathtub to a stand-up shower​ , installing a ​ walk-in tub,​ or ensuring your have all the mobility, stability, gripping and traction to use your bathroom in comfort.

A free in-home consultation means we come to you. Contact us today to see how Bath Planet can be the solution for you.

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