Being Accessible and Attractive at the Same Time

Bath Planet ​ North Bay has updated many homes in the city, as well in the surrounding area of Nipissing region.

Being Accessible and Attractive at the Same Time

One frequent comment we get from our customer feedback is that people are surprised at how great their new bathroom looks! Often they say that while safety, or ​ accessibility​ were their main concern, they ended up having a room in their home they are proud to have seen by family and friends.

How do we do it?

Bath Planet Products are designed to look great, to be modern, appealing, and to improve the look of your bathroom. With accompanying ​ new cabinets​ or wall or floor tile, and a modern colour palette, the room can become one of the most attractive in your home. And the best part of all is that we have the in-house expertise to walk you through the process from start to finish.

In fact, we have one of North Bay’s most qualified, and formally educated and trained, Interior Designers​ ​ leading our team.

Our products are designed to not only function well, and make your life easier, but to look great while they do it. One thing they are NOT is “institutional” in their appearance. We know your home is a special place to you and we’re prepared to ensure ​ upgrading your bathroom​ doesn’t change that – in fact, our happy customers tell us that we are one of the best improvements they’ve made to their home.

We can get the ball rolling for you, with a simple, friendly, no-pressure or obligation​ FREE consultation​ . Contact us today to see how we can remodel your bathroom.

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