North Bay is Age-Friendly and so are our Products

The folks at City Hall in North Bay have officially begun to create an Age-Friendly Action Plan, to make the community better. And when it comes to seniors that certainly is a big portion of the local population. Some recent studies show that at least one-third of residents in North Bay are 55 years of age or older.

North Bay is Age-Friendly and so are our Products

So, the question is, is it time to make your home more age-friendly?

There are many benefits to installing a quick, affordable ​ Bath Planet​ tub or ​ shower​ system.
Some include:

  • allowing seniors to age in place, and enjoy their home as long as they can
  • it can make life easier for their adult children or caregivers to assist them
  • a well set-up Bath Planet bathroom helps to avoid falls, and keeps seniors safe and secure in their home

Remember, this isn’t just about the safety and peace of mind, it can make your home easier to sell with more and more families having a live-in parent that they care for.

Let our experts start the process with you, to see if Bath Planet is the right solution in your home. It all begins with a ​ free in-home consultation​ at your convenience. You can call as at 705-478-8354, to arrange for a discussion. We’re here to help, and ready to meet.

Let us show you just how age-friendly the Bath Planet portfolio products are, and that includes affordable pricing and quick turn-around times.

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