How Walk-In Tubs Help Seniors

According to 2016 data collected by Invest in North Bay, 30% of residents in North Bay and Nipissing Region are 55 years of age or older.

And those numbers aren’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

Walk-in bathtubEven though people are aging, they want to stay at home for as long as possible while keeping and enjoying bathing independence.

That means installing accessibility products to help with things like:

  • Mobility & stability
  • Balance
  • Gripping and traction

A big part of that is modifying the bathroom with walk-in tubs from Bath Planet of North Bay.

Here’s why walk-in tubs are incredibly popular and beneficial among seniors.

Large, easy-to-open doors

If you have mobility issues, trying to step over a traditional, high-walled bathtub can be a challenge (especially if your bathroom floor is already slippery).

On the other hand, walk-in bathtubs are designed with large, lightweight doors which are easy to open.

Better still, they’re designed not to get stuck or accidentally open while someone’s using the walk-in tub. They have a secure locking mechanism which ensures no water spills out.

For elderly adults suffering from arthritis or joint (especially knee) pain, the doors of a walk-in tub is both safe and secure.

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Take a look at the depth of your current bathtub.

Most walk-in tubs are around twice as deep.

Here’s what that means:

  • Extra available room to stretch and soak without feeling cramped or claustrophobic
  • Space for comfort accessories like a contoured bench to help those who can’t stand or sit down in a low bathtub
  • An easier time storing and reaching for bathing items like soap, shampoo or body brushes

It’s important to note that a deeper walk-in bathtub doesn’t mean you’re making your bathroom that much smaller.

The Bath Planet Process ensures your new, custom walk-in tub fits perfectly within your existing bathroom configuration.

Walk-in tubs are ideal for anyone with mobility issues who’s looking to improve the safety and comfort of their bathing experience.

Improved accessibility

Improved accessibility

Just by installing a walk-in tub from Bath Planet North Bay, you’ve already significantly boosted the accessibility of your bathroom.

That said, they’re designed to accommodate a wide-range of additional accessibility products too, such as:

  • Easy grip grab bars
  • Balancing bars
  • Non-slip floor pads
  • Safety liners

As you age, your mobility requirements change. Walk-in bathtubs are made to handle and adapt to your changes in your balance, strength or agility.

Therapeutic advantages

Not only do walk-in tubs make bathing safer, they also make them more beneficial and rejuvenating too.

Just imagine relaxing in your walk-in tub as:

  • Hydrotherapy jets loosen tight or sore muscles
  • Water flow control lets you create the perfect bathing experience
  • Water jets are directed exactly where you want them to be

Something to remember: A walk-in tub has two jobs to do.

Firstly, it’s to deliver a safe and clean bathing experience.

Secondly, it’s to promote home relaxation and provide a personal, on-demand version of water therapy you can enjoy anytime.

The therapeutic benefits of a walk-in tub are absolutely ideal for anyone who has arthritis, back pain or tight joints.


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Simple to clean and care for

Scrubbing a porcelain bathtub is tough, time-consuming and uncomfortable.

That’s doubly so for anyone with limited mobility.

Walk-in tubs are made from easy-to-clean acrylic. Vinegar, water and sponge are all that’s needed to get them shiny and clean.

Three more reasons to consider installing a walk-in tub for your home:

  • It’s protected by a lifetime warranty
  • Bath Planet can install your new tub in just a single day with limited hassle or inconvenience
  • The installation process cuts down on bathroom remodeling costs

Anyone looking to add to the value and accessibility of their home while enjoying total peace of mind should definitely get a walk-in tub from Bath Planet of North Bay.

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