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For Simple or Serious Bathroom Remodeling – North Bay has Bath Planet

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most valuable home renovations you can invest in. Bath Planet specializes in cost-effective, low-maintenance, high-quality bathroom remodeling. North Bay’s homeowners and commercial business owners agree we’re the most trustworthy remodeler in town.

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From Our Blog

Bath Planet – Not Just For Seniors

There's no question Bath Planet North Bay can create bathrooms that are safe, more-accessible, and senior friendly with ​...

Unbelievably Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

Bath Planet North Bay is all about making your life easier. And part of that "ease" comes from the ​ quick turnaround times...

How Bath Planet Helps Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

It's no secret that North Bay has a growing number of seniors. Our long-term residents are aging, just like the rest of the Canadian demographic - but new information shows we are also attracting new...

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